• Zine | Maggie, Issue 01 - Redefining Ladylike

Zine | Maggie, Issue 01 - Redefining Ladylike

The word ladylike is loaded with expectations. Ladylike is changing your behaviour in order to fit into a predetermined box. Ladylike is never speaking out of turn, it’s apologizing for your voice, your actions. Ladylike is a certain appearance. A term coined by English royalty - a certain class, a certain race. The creators of this zine are tearing down all of these expectations and starting anew.

Maggie was created with the pure desire to share art and stories that empower women and feminine people. In the process of pulling together all that the creators wanted to share, this publication quickly became focused on the goal of inviting people to reclaim their identities for themselves, and embracing the curiosity and complexity that comes along with that conversation.

This inaugural issue of Maggie celebrates a few faces of feminism in the worlds of parenting, fashion, self-exploration, healthcare, and music.


Cameron MacIntyre

Paige Thompson

Lucid Quinlan

Donald Love

Jane Bradshaw

Mariana Uemura

Aislyn Fryer

Margaret Cornell

Lauren Thompson

Ben Evans-Duran

Khloe Tambakis

Kajal Neto

Gillian Milks

Deanna Petcoff

Tyra Morton