• Herbal Smoking Blend | Smug
  • Herbal Smoking Blend | Smug
  • Herbal Smoking Blend | Smug

Herbal Smoking Blend | Smug

  • $14.00

Herbal smoke blends have been used across time and space as healers and allies. Combine good grief with canna bis to enhance your smoking experience.

A euphoric rush at onset and a boost in mood with this full-bodied floral blend. Designed to calm the nervous system and act as an aphrodisiac. A gentle honouring of one's own existence, y'know?

Ingredients: rose, red raspberry, damiana, peppermint

Herbs are organic and sustainably sourced in Vancouver by a family-run business, Zhi Herbals. No artificial fillers or additives. Does not contain canna bis, tobacco, or nicotine. Store in a dark, cool place.

Zhi Herbals supports fair trade practices and is a partner of United Plant Savers, an herbalist-led organization dedicated to protecting native medicinal plants of the US and Canada, preserving their native habitat, and ensuring an abundant and renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.

Good Grief is owned and operated by a queer Toronto psychotherapist with a growing love of herbalism!