Our Brands

Anto Yukon

Drawing inspiration from some of its favorite Canadian landscapes, Anto Yukon uses natural ingredients and scents in every single bath and body product it creates. Its wrappers feature paintings created by Meghan Hildebrand, and ex-Yukoner now based in Powell River, BC.

Always Bearded Lifestyle

After years of having to keep a short stubble beard for his job in the corporate world of sales, Sven Hansen decided to grow it out longer while still keeping it well groomed. He quickly realized that barber shops did not offer much in a selection of grooming products that could ease what he called the “Beard Pains”, and started the Always Bearded Lifestyle House Blend.

Daughter of the Land

Realizing that skincare does not need to be complicated nor made with a long list of ingredients, Ashley Spierer started Daughter of the Land after being introduced to the magical wonders of coconut oil.

Tribe + True

While traveling around the world, the creators of Tribe + True found great joy in connecting with artisans and decided to share their works with the rest of the world by importing select handmade one of kind items in hopes of giving them a new home.

Rebel Rouser

Owner and Founder Paityn was tired of the day to day products that were harming her skin. She decided to experiment and formulated her own creations, which lead to her starting Rebel Rouser. Free of all harmful toxins, fillers, and chemicals, Rebel Rouser is a 70’s inspired androgynous brand, here to make a change.

Juniper Ridge

Story: Juniper Ridge formulates Wilderness Perfume by distilling and extracting fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings that it harvests on the trail.

From Tea to Sea

From Tea to Sea is Lauren Strybos’ creative expression. A self-taught ceramicist and former biologist who creates one of a kind ceramics that have a raw and organic feel to them. Her travels inspire much of her work, with an emphasis on tones, textures, and shapes found in native flora + fauna.

RÜ Mushrooms

RÜ Mushrooms combines medicinal mushrooms with other powerful superfoods and adaptogens to create delicious tasting, nutrient dense elixirs. It is committed to sourcing the highest quality, most potent extracts, and powders, all of which are organic.


Goodwolf accessories creates collars and leashes that have been tested in every circumstance imaginable – rain, salt water, mud, manure, etc. to make sure pups have the comfort they deserve to unleash their inner wolf.


Monta is an aromatherapy collection inspired by the landscapes we call home. Each scent captures a feeling and experience, crafted lovingly and intentionally, sourcing pure essential oils for their vegan, 100% natural, and cruelty-free blends.

Ephemera Magazine

Ephemera is a magazine exploring permanence in a world of rapid change. Each issue revolves around a certain topic – their meanings and nuances, and how they impact our lives. The magazine has multiple contributors, edited, curated and designed by Maegan Fidelino, published by Kastor & Pollux.  

Fleurs Tea

Fleurs Tea combines medicinal herbs and hemp to recharge and rejuvenate the body and mind. Its products target different needs of an overworked, undernourished society.

P.F. Candle Co.

From a studio apartment operation to a globally recognized brand, P.F. Candle Co. started with founder Kristen in 2008 after she relocated to Austin with the dream of making things by hand to pay the bills. She was later joined by Tom, creating high-quality fragrance for both the home and body at accessible price points, while supporting the lives of its staff of 31.

Living Apothecary

Living Apothecary started out as a way to heal founder Kara’s own ailments – her battles with anxiety, hangovers, sleeplessness and painful periods. Experimenting with different herbal preparations, she discovered the power of botanicals and the rituals that it provided.

Lee’s Provisions

Lee’s Provisions is the story of a former model who quit the runway to study the ancient tradition of Ayurveda, which teaches that inner wellness and outer beauty are deeply intertwined, in order to discover her own inner beauty. 10% of its profits are donated to help save the Asian elephant.

NIU Body

Frustrated with the natural beauty products available on the market, Laura Burget and Connie Lo joined hands to create NIU Body, a skincare brand that aspires to be a truly natural, approachable brand, at affordable prices.

The Baltic Club

The Baltic Club is Melanie and Brice’s passion for design brought to life with a printer. Made in Montreal (mostly), it is a stationery and lifestyle company that carefully curates tasteful artworks that spice up your home.

Collection De Massy

Collection De Massy was born from the observation that we all need a little help one day to make us move forward. With that in mind, it imagined 6 perfumes that can become real companions in reminding you throughout your day how to act and how to think in order to reach your goal.


Lavami believes that skin-care ingredients should be pure and free from toxins like synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colorants. Its ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from all over the world, with many locally, to ensure that they are non-GMO, sustainable and of the highest quality.

Folkways Apothecary

Add wild Manitoba plants and grassroots botanical medicines crafted on their tiny Clearwater farmstead and embrace the natural goodness that is Folkways Apothecary.

100 Years of Love

100 Years of Love is a contemporary home fragrance label and a culmination of an obsession with contemporary art and fashion, travel, design, and fine fragrances. Its curated collection of uniquely fragranced candles helps you enrich some of life’s most intimate moments. Each and every candle is hand poured and hand labeled in its Toronto studio.

Stray and Wander

Stray and Wander values the amount of energy and skill that goes into creating its one of a kind pieces, as well as the traditional methods of production. It believes in buying ethically and buying less, and the beauty of imperfection.

Hound & Co

Hound & Co is the story of two friends who for a long time tried to find good quality pet care products that used natural ingredients. Unsatisfied with the results of their search, they decided to create their own, and vow by the quality of the puppy care products they develop.

Fox & Fallow

May 2015 saw the debut of Fox & Fallow, when two high school sweethearts Janet Pogorelc and Darrell Kwong decided to take their years of experience in the wedding industry into the retail market, offering a range of beautifully designed, high-quality stationery and gift items.


Crafted with wild harvested, raw and organic ingredients, and guided by the wisdom of traditional herb craft and the magic of auld mystic medicine, Wildwood is a grassroots apothecary and herbcraft studio located in the heart of Wellington County.

Sunday’s Company

Sunday’s Company began as an idea to offer the simplicity and gifts of the Earth and quickly transformed into a plant-based apothecary nestled in the hills of Northumberland County, Ontario - bridging the space between beauty and nature.