Summer season is in full bloom over here! This month, roseate magazine has paired up with Leaf & Bake to bring you Canna Ikebana: a floral arrangement workshop. Hosted once again at Common People Shop, this session will take place on WED JUL 31 to end your month on a high note.
Please join us for this intimate and interactive workshop, while enjoying some light snacks + refreshments!
DATE: WED JUL 31/19 
LOCATION: Common People Shop (1694 QUEEN ST W / TORONTO, ON / M6R 1B3) 





*changes are happening, new details for hosting workshops coming soon*

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What kind of workshops/lectures do you host?

Common People Shop hosts a wide variety of workshops and lectures focused on building skills, sharing art and talent, or strengthening one's sense of wellness. We want to provide a place for ALL people to learn. 

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How much do events cost? 

That is completely up to our hosts. Generally, the workshops range from $15 to $100 depending on the workshop itself - and much, much more. 

How many people can Common People Shop host? 

We can host up to 12 people at our table and up to 20 without the table (seated) with the possibility of expanding depending on the workshop itself. 

How will Common People Shop promote your workshop? 

We will promote with both a monthly newsletter to our subscribers and through our IG account and FB page. We recommend you promote your event through your own channels as well! 

How can people buy tickets? 

We suggest that you manage ticketing through Eventbrite or a similar ticketing site - this allows you to keep an eye on ticket sales and correspond directly with class attendees. We will then add the ticketing link to our calendar. 

How much will I make if I host a workshop/lecture? 

 We offer a 40/60 split in favour of the facilitator for profit workshops and an hourly fee of $45/h for not-for-profit organizations.

Workshop Deposit / Cancellation Policy

Please note that we require a 50% deposit upon booking of our space.  Should you wish to cancel your workshop we require 2 weeks notice we will refund half of your original deposit.