• Beard + Face Oil | 30ml

Beard + Face Oil | 30ml

Bearddruff got you down? Our new beard and face oil will give you the fix you’ve been looking for. Hydrate your beard and skin for a polished, hydrated, and dare we say dewy look!


Camellia seed oil - Helps condition and strengthen hair while eliminating breakage. Moisturizes skin and is fast absorbing. 

Bergamot - Promotes hair growth and conditions the hair. Tones the skin and reduces the appearance of scars. It is commonly used to reduce stress.

Rosemary - Helps prevent premature greying, dryness, and promotes hair growth. Contains antiseptic properties that help eliminate acne and eczema. Known to be a mood booster and may improve memory. 

Black pepper - revitalises hair, helps prevent hair loss and dandruff. Contains anti - inflammatory properties that help reduce acne. Is known to help reduce anxiety.

Vitamin E - Helps protect against free radicals. Reduces UV damage and the appearance of scarring on the skin. Brings moisture back into the skin and hair.


Apply 4-6 drops in the palm of your hands. Rub together and massage product evenly throughout your beard, skin underneath, and even the rest of your face. For optimal results apply when beard is damp. 

*keep in cool place out of direct sunlight