5 Must-Have Self-Pampering Products

Let’s face it. It’s been a brutal winter season. But before we say goodbye to the cold, we’ll be spending a little time indulging in some R&R!

Self-Pampering can be quite costly and even time consuming, we hear you, but taking care of ourselves is critical, especially after such a harsh season. It doesn’t have to be an expensive spa day or an entire wardrobe makeover, but little things here and there that will make all the difference! We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favourite pampering products that won’t break the bank and will leave you feeling rested and ready for Spring

Living Apothecary’s “Take Care” Loose Leaf Tea

The name says it all. A blend of Schisandra, oat straw, lavender, and chamomile, this loose leaf tea is perfect for when you need that small reset midday to simply take care of yourself. A soothing blend that is relaxant, carminative, adaptogenic and nervine, and will resist any of that stress you may be experiencing.

NIU Body’s Soothe Pink Clay Mask

Made with white kaolin clay, French pink clay, and rosehip extract, the Soothe Pink Clay Mask is known for balancing oil production and unclogging congested pores. It’s great for both sensitive and mature skins, and it purifies deep into your pores to remove impurities, leaving you with smooth, radiant skin.

OM Organics’ Bath Salt in Sunset Nectar

Scrub away that dull skin with OM Organics’ Bath Salt in Sunset Nectar! Made with a moisturizing blend of natural sugar, shea butter, meadowfoam and clay, it’s guaranteed to leave your skin feeling smooth, radiant and hydrated. Simply add a little water and work product over the skin using small circular movements, then rinse away with warm water!

Fleurs’ Stress Roll-On

Made with 100% natural HEMP C B D, this non-psychoactive relaxing roll on will instantly reduce anxiety, help you fall asleep, keep you calm, and fight nerves. It’s packed with skin-healthy nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. It does not induce any intoxicating effects, and is magnificent for a range of conditions from dry skin, to eczema, arthritis, and many more.

A Jade Roller

Jade rollers help reduce puffiness and inflammation in the face due to the stagnation of the lymphatic system. They also brighten complexions, tighten pores, help reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase blood circulation.

We often underestimate the healing powers of self-care. Dedicating a few extra minutes every day to rest and revitalize is crucial, especially after a cold, dark winter. You can find these products and many more self-care essentials in-store or on our website!